Candidate Statement & The Future

I believe that I am the best candidate because of my willingness to make tough decisions and provide bold leadership for the future.

Florida has made dramatic strides in education over the last 15 years moving us from the bottom third in the country to the top ten. Our graduation rates are higher than ever. But those changes require dedicated policy makers that understand our children will be competing in a 21st century economy. Gone are the mid-twentieth century days of the public school houses being the only option for education. We need to not only adequately fund education, but support more choices for teachers and parents.

It is now time to discuss water as it relates to Florida’s future. Water will be a limiting factor in our growth for the next two decades (and beyond) and I am prepared to position Florida to address this issue. The typical usable life of a 60-inch water main is 75-80 years. That means that very shortly, the infrastructure in some of our older cities will start failing. When a 60-inch water main breaks, it can flood two city blocks. We simply aren’t prepared for the infrastructure needs of our water supply right now. Before our community arrives in crisis, I would like to establish a plan for us to address these needs. Additionally, we must adequately fund the protection of our springs and rivers to ensure future generations can enjoy the same Florida we know and love.

Lastly, as someone who has spent a career in healthcare, I recognize the crisis that is before us. We must continue to look for patient centered alternatives to be able to provide our population with affordable and accessible care that actually produces good outcomes. We have tried in the past and will try again. Our idea was that uninsured adults with children would receive $2,000 a year—plus their own contribution of $300—to fund a health savings account called a CARE account, which recipients could use for any health expense of their choice. They could use it to buy catastrophic coverage, or a high-end concierge primary care physician, or anything in between. In order to benefit from the subsidy, recipients would have to meet work requirements similar to those in the landmark, bipartisan 1996 welfare-reform law. It’s a good compromise and I look forward to helping advance it in the future.


Platform & Issues

Keep Florida Free: Block the intrusive expansion of the Federal government in Health Care, Education, and Resource Management.

Stop Spending and Borrowing: The State and Federal governments must learn to live within their means and stop borrowing to pay for programs the American people can’t afford. To balance the budget, I will continue opposing tax increases. We have done a great job in weathering the downturn in the economy. I want to make sure we keep our high bond rating, which keeps taxes low for all Floridians.

Grow the Economy: Government doesn’t create jobs. Private industry does. To attract new and higher-paying jobs, we must make Florida the best state in the nation to do business. We need to increase private investment, continue to cut onerous permitting processes for expanding businesses and cut the corporate income tax, which chases businesses and jobs to other states.

Freedom of Education: Make education a priority and adequately fund it.

Promote Energy Independence: Encourage private industry to maximize energy production of all types. Florida is a unique geography and the solution requires a mix of alternatives.

Stand for Our Values: Strongly defend our time-honored values, such as the Second Amendment.

Create Jobs: Continuing to create jobs by reducing onerous regulation and encouraging partnerships where both the business and state have “skin in the game.” We need to continue in incentive packages that don’t provide benefits until the business produces what it says it will in terms of jobs and revenue. We also need to make sure we are offering those packages to businesses that will help further diversify our economy so we may be shielded in the future from such dramatic economic downturns.